About Me

Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Maritday


Ama’ritday ~ The Sacred Health Doula



Doula/Maven/ Ceremonialist/ Keeper of Ancient Ways, I am a Metaphysician, Scribe and Medicine Woman, walking my path in harmony with my Taino ancestors and studying their indigenous heritage and practices, carrying the nourishment and energy medicine of our ancestors, integrating indigenous practices into every dish, prayer, class, workshop, ceremony, and ritual that I create or am asked to witness and participate.

This amazing journey began over 25 years ago, unbeknownst to me the remembering had begun- learning, practicing, and teaching about women’s empowerment, nutrition, energy medicine, herbal medicine, holistic, skincare, natural health and reproductive wellness – Fertility, Ante-Partum, Prenatal, Birth & Post-Partum (Full Spectrum-miscarriage, born-sleeping, abortion, adoption) Wholistic Doula.

I have practiced hands on healing through my work as in women’s health ministry, holistic skin care and energy work, as an Ordained Minister, Licensed Master Wholistic Aesthetician and Energy Work Master Instructor/Practitioner, and I now share my knowledge and healing energy as a Maven, Advocate and Facilitator for Women’s Health/Womb Health, Women’s Empowerment, Loving Movement & Meditation Groups, Retreats, and Red Tent Healing Circles.


Sharing what I love, helping people get informed is what I live to do. There is so much to learn, love, see taste and do. I want to be the torch that lights your fire within, Life starts with your spirit, your relationships, your job, your exercise I call this Primary Food and the food you eat is your Secondary Food.

I want to share what I know about Food, Life, Health and Spirit.

Let me take a moment and tell you a little about who I am and what I do.

Currently in my medicine bag I have titles like –

Licensed Master Aesthetician

Certified Biblical Nutrition Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach

Birth Arts international Trained Doula

Ordained Minister

I graduated a live out apprenticeship with Susun Weed, world renowned master herbalist, Wolf Clan member, keeper of the wise woman tradition.

I am a public/motivational speaker regarding Organics and GMO foods and the importance of navigating the terrain when shopping, cooking in and eating out.

Sacred Connection Health & Life Arts, was created to provide a circle of loving, nourishing grace that fosters spiritual healing of pain, discomfort, and the abuses of life. I am here to help encourage your own individual health, wholeness and holiness. I embolden you to look within and make the sacred connection inside of you.

Through a detailed health history, I can give support to my clients during their healing using Health and Wellness Coaching. In addition, I offer continued support incorporating, many mind, body, and spirit modalities; such as Aromatherapy, Skin and Body Care Treatments, as well as, Chakra and Energetic Treatments, such as, Integrated Energy Therapy and Violet Alchemy Healing.

My passion in life is to nurture my family, friends, clients and community by creating a healthy whole and holy environment that all will thrive in. It is with great pride pleasure & passion that I bring to you…

*My Sacred Vision*

is to invite woman, at any stage of their life, maiden, mother, queen, crone to nourish empower and care for themselves, preparing their body, mind and spirit, in the best possible way, using the wise women tradition of thinking and healing to best deal with aging, bodily changes, mental distress, and the pollution of our ever changing planet.

I support women dealing with “Healthy Life” challenges to let go of certain lifestyle choices to increase overall health, nourishment, well-being and empowerment. I help women become the miracle they were intended to be, a prosperous, radiant, and discerning being, using a holistic approach to life, women will embrace themselves as they are – healthy, whole and holy.

By teaching women, to nourish empower & care for themselves, using the gifts provided to us by mother nature, such as, intuition, nourishing local organic foods, luxurious, revitalizing organic handmade skin care products, & professionally chosen energetic skin/body care treatments, as well as using, Affirmations, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Herbal Tincture and Nourishing Infusions, Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, specifically chosen, synergistically combined, helping women, to feel nourished & empowered  by using self care to feel healthy whole & holy from the inside out.

By providing connection, education, resources and support, and opening up a community to help all people find beneficial ways of living and practicing a holistic lifestyle, we nurture ourselves, our friends and our beloved Mother Earth.


To decide if health coaching is right for you,

I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me today.

During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.


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