Sacred Support Sessions

Additional Sacred Support Sessions
All of my packages include 2 prenatal meetings where we will get to know one another, and discuss your hopes and plans for your birth, and 1 post-partum meet up to discuss and decompress.  Packages 3-4 include additional meet-ups, from which you can choose from the list below.  Extra
Sacred Support Sessions can be added to any package for an additional $100 each.
Pre-natal Sacred Support Sessions

Hypno-Baby session- 75 minute 1-on-1 prenatal session in your home, where I will leave you with a meditation that you can listen to for relaxation or labor.

Pack the hospital bag– I’ll bring a list from personal experience and a few things for your bag and we can spend some time gathering up what you will want at your hospital birth.

1 hour relaxation session, with your partner and I working together to show you some relaxation techniques that you can use during pregnancy and labor. (This is not a 1-hour massage session, but rather a tool to teach guided meditation with some hands on relaxation)

Meet your provider—I’m happy to attend a pre-natal appointment with you to meet your provider and discuss any questions you have about your birth and they may have about my role in your birth.

Milkin’ Cookies- Nursing is “natural” but not always easy.  I’ll bring all the ingredients we need to bake your first batch of delicious nursing cookies which can be eaten now or to help boost your supply after the baby comes.  While we are baking, we will discuss strategies you can use to set yourself up for success with nursing, and I’ll leave you with the yummy treats and lots of information!

Cloth Diaper Session– Interested in cloth diapering, but confused by all the newfangled terms and styles?  I’ll bring over a few samples of diapers for you to touch and feel, and will leave you with a better understanding of whether this cloth diapering thing is for you.

Post-Partum Sacred Support Sessions

2nd night– Often times that 2nd night after the baby is born is the hardest, because everyone is tired, your milk has probably not come in yet, and your baby might want to nurse all the time.  I can come back to the hospital/or your house and stay with you for a few hours, to help with nursing, to offer an extra set of hands and a calm presence while the baby is hungry.

Nap for Mama– I’ll come by after our first post-partum meeting, I’ll bring a yummy treat and you can go sleep while your baby is left in good hands for three hours.  I’ll do some light housekeeping and snuggle your little one while you get some rest and a long shower.  To be used within 3 weeks post-partum, unless discussed ahead of time.

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