OMG!!!! Natural Homemade AMAZING makeup powder from my Kitchen! I can’tbelieve it!

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I am so excited to write this post and share this hot tip with you! You aren’t going to believe this! 2 weeks back I came across this post on FaceBook from Homestead Survival. They shared a recipe from another website Great Oak Circle for a translucent makeup… Well let me tell you, I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand! I didn’t have to buy anything and what I found next was just the most amazing thing.. Easy to make, I had an empty Colorscience refillable mineral powder brush and just filled with my own homemade powder…
The deal breaker was when I applied it, flawless natural coverage equivalent to any translucent powder by any of the leaders in mineral natural makeup industry like Jane Iredale, Colorscience or even Bare Minerals only thing missing was a sunscreen which if you add some Zinc Oxide and micronized Titanium Dioxide that should do it….
Here is what I did:
Using the directions provided in the above mentioned post
equal part corn starch (cupboard)
equal part cocoa powder(cupboard)
equal part french green clay( I am an aesthetician by trade and happened to have some on hand purchased in bulk from Jean’s Greens.In the picture you see the Products I used and 2 different amounts of the powder ~ mix as much or as little as you need. In the jar is 1/4 cup of each ingredient and on the plate is a 1 Tbs of each ingredient

Pic1 washed exfoliated & moisturized                                                                                                                                  pic2 I applied make up on one side only

Pic3 1/2 Face

Now the last photo I used really bright light so you could see the coverage. I am 39 with some sun damage and fine lines but coverage is natural even and light weight with no harmful effects to my skin. I applied some lip gloss and I was ready for the day! Aesthetician approved!

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