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It’s Marvelous Monday – my FAV day! I want to share a website that is awesome! I love this website. http://www.cleanplates.com/

Like myself, Clean Plates founder, Jared Koch is a nutritional consultant and health coach. His innovation to create this amazing online directory is a boon to the health and wellness industry making ownership of ones health possible by providing solutions that create long lasting positive changes for years to come. health at your fingertips! YES! I’ll take it!

This site provides many resources to help guide you in making informed, healthful choices. You can find a restaurant tailored to your food needs, books classes and a wealth of other resources to help you through the health and wellness choices that best suit your needs, budget and lifestyle. I eat very well at home and it is really important to me to eat just as good or better when eating out especially in NYC. Unlimited choices and it can be daunting finding some excellent nourishing food!

Here’s what the founder of Clean Plates has to say!
Story by Jared Koch

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard.

That’s the guiding principle at the heart of Clean Plates, a company I founded three years ago as an extension of my work with clients (I’m a nutritional consultant). Launched as a Zagat-style guidebook to healthy, sustainable and delicious dining options, today we’re that and much more — a full-fledged media company with a series of books, websites and (as of last month) an iPhone app.

Our goal is to meet people where they are, literally (the app, and even our books, which are portable by design) and figuratively. I’m a huge believer in bio-individuality, which basically means that there’s no one right way to eat; different bodies thrive on different diets. With this in mind, at Clean Plates we create content and services for eaters of all stripes, carnivores, vegans, those on gluten-free diets, and everyone in between.

Whether your idea of delicious is a burger or a kale smoothie, we’ll help you make the healthiest choice possible- highlighting restaurants whose burgers are made from pasture-raised, hormone- and antibiotic -free cows, for example, and juice bars that use organic produce and natural sweeteners.

In addition to helping you find restaurants that use better-for-you ingredients and healthier cooking methods, Clean Plates is dedicated to providing news and tips to make healthy eating a breeze. On our website, you’ll find recipes, profiles of forward-thinking food companies, and more, plus blogs for the cities we cover — Manhattan, Brooklyn, and LA, as well as Clean Plates National (we’re expanding to more cities in the coming year – let me know if you’d like to see Clean Plates in your town!). Again, the goal is to make healthy eating as easy- and enjoyable- as possible.

I really do believe that you can eat healthy, sustainably produced food that’s good for your body, good for the planet, and tastes great, too. Now, if you’ll excuse me — I’m off to eat one of those hormone-free burgers I mentioned.

About the author: Founder of Clean Plates, Jared Koch graduated pre-med from the University of Michigan and completed graduate work at the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine and Institute for Integrative Nutrition with certification by Columbia University, Teachers College. He is a nutritional consultant and health coach certified by the Teachers College of Columbia University, the Global Institute of Alternative Medicine, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Does cooking at HOME matter?

Hello hello Hello! It time for another post from me, Ama’ritday, the Sacred Health Doula!
Anyone who knows me knows I am a super foodie. I love to taste smell feel cook it all! This video makes my heart sing. I really want to savor the flavors that can be experienced by the palette and unless I am allergic I going to enjoy!

Fast Food Low Down –
Being cooked for with love vs cooked for profit
Increased salt fat & sugar
Cheap & Attractive
Activates cravings
Eat food that aren’t so healthful because they are readily available
Encourages obesity and disease through convenience

Michael Pollan (award-winning Food Author, “Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation“, “In Defense of Food“, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “Food Rules“)Says that we can eat what we love in moderation. Fast Food Convenience is what takes the safety out of nutrition. Check out this video.

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