Understanding PLU codes for produce! Did you know……

When you go shopping , we make a list try to find the best deal & still feed our families the most nutritious foods we can. Guess what though? We really need to pay attention now more than ever especially to our produce! Did you know that those little number’s on the produce they don’t just tell you the item # of the produce it also tells you how it grown. Depending on where the produce comes from, sometimes the PLU sticker will also tell you variety, country of origin, grower & logo

8 0r 3 isn’t from the tree(GMO)usually the cheapest of all fruit too!!
4 is a bore regular(conventional)
9 is divine (organic)

Now For The Technical
the code is determined by Int’l Federation of produce standards www.plucodes.com. The produce has either a 4 or 5 digit code that tells you whether it is convential gmo or organic & it makes check out easier for everyone!

The ONLY food you can be certain that isn’t genetically modified is marked cleared “Certified Organic” as there as strict regulation these producers must follow but go figure the GMO producers have no restrictions what a world!

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