MY Marvelous “MOON” Day Musings

Ama’ritday Ama’ritday Ama’ritday! This is my song and reminder to my self that all the magic that I am and need – Is inside me already! All I have to do is let it out!
Good Morning DIVINE People of this planet we call Earth! I am blessed as always to have this piece of cyber space to sing my song to you!


So lately in my field of reference is the longing to shine so brightly and be this Healer, World Changer, Ripple Maker, Sacred Space Holder, All the while maintaining a life that may or may not be lighting you up! Being scared to hang that shingle out that says “Master, Expert Awesomesaucer” at work here! Stepping into our power is something that scares the ever loving daylights out of most of us all except for that 7% or so that just naturally kicks ass from they moment that are birthed

I encourage you all to tell the universe your deepest darkest desire without limitation or lack. Only ABUNDANT THOUGHT SHALL ESCAPE YOUR LIPS! The universe hears you, REMEMBER your words are prayers, every last one! She absolutely conspires to give you greatness on almost every level but when we get what we want, we choke because the next step is to scary or real like whoa this actually for really happening!


For me this is how it went down…
In late November, I took my intermediate and advanced level of Integrated Energy Therapy. At that time, the instructor, whom I had met when I took my IET basic level (we had partnered together to learn during the workshop) made mention that she needed a Personal Assistant. I thought about the PA job but never offered up my services. I was like what can I do for her? She has got it going on… She is where I want to be!!! I did ask though about her work space. Why yes, I do have some days available she says and that was that until the first of June/July 2014. Life goes on and we make contact. I wanted to receive a treatment from her but life has a way of giving you what you need when you need it…. I actually am being on worked by another amazing practitioner, for now,  as is the way.. It did however give us the opportunity to get reconnected.

All of a sudden the noise in my head was deafening – Call her, Ask about the space, What do you have to lose(CAW-My Raven Power Totem))… So I did!
and the rest you can find here and I am also doing VA work for her as well….

That space waited for me from November 2013 until now and at a price that is unheard of…. With all the specs that would make a budding health coach DROOL!

So what I am trying to say is- If it is for you, it will be there for you but you must have to FAITH, that you are in your perfection even if it doesn’t feel perfect!


Love & Light







AMAZING NEWS! To Newness! Abundance! Yes!


True Light Healing Center will be hosting Sacred Connection Health and Life Arts(SCHALA) – your one stop healing center for Beauty, Body, Mind and Spirit.


SCHALA will be open for business, September 2nd, 2014 at 10am until 6pm.


In celebration, for the month of September, I will be offering new customers – a Mini Facial for $27, Ultimate Body Wrap for $27, A European Deep Pore Cleansing for $57 as well as Complimentary Nutritional Discovery Sessions, 5 min Empowerment Sessions and Single Card Oracle Readings.


I will providing Holistic Skin & Body Treatments, Integrated Energy Therapy Sessions,


nutritional & personal wellness sessions, as well as, seminars, workshops and personalized 1:1 & group retreats.

Please call 978-480-0773 or email me at for more information or to schedule an appointment. I can’t wait to hear from you!
The first 5 people will get to pick out a free sample of essential oil to enjoy with your treatment.




Birth Plan Basics

A birth plan  provides thorough communication encouraging all parties involved to assist you in getting the birth you want (or as close to it as you can).

As a pregnant mother you have expectations on how you would like your birth to go but sometimes feel leery to express your wishes for this labor and delivery to your medical professional. Remember your doctor works for you and your birth is just that – your birth. You can decide and design your perfect birth scenario.

You can ask any question that you want, You can birth in a manner that makes you feel amazing and empowered (unless of course there is a medically valid reason why you can’t)

Having an option and direction gives you piece of mind that your wishes will be honored and your baby will be birthed in the manner of your choosing. A birth plan ensures just that!

Giving birth is a natural process but things can come up, so creating your birth plan supports your first decisions as a mother and your needs during labor and delivery.

doulaacvtion2Helping you achieve your goals for an ideal birthing experience your detailed birth plan will cover:

• Where you will deliver – birth center, hospital, or at home
• Who will attend: Doctor or Midwife?
• What type of meds – Prescribed pharmaceuticals or Herbal Remedies?
• How you will manage pain – Relaxation techniques, Environment/Ambiance or Epidural
• Do you need surgical intervention – Caesarean or Episiotomy?
• Are you – low or high risk?
• Who will support you – Doula, Dad, Significant Other, Family or Friends?
• Is my birth location baby friendly – building infant mother bond, immediate skin to skin contact and breastfeeding, do they allow question following the birth in regards to the baby initial examination?
• What I will need for my Recovery – support dealing with regular post partum delivery issues, post partum delivery issues with interventions.
• What if something goes wrong -Sometimes babies are sick, disabled or even sadder, can die. Having a support team in place is imperative. Knowing your rights to your child in health, sickness and in death are imperative as is the right to grieve and say goodbye.

Having a birth plan ensures that your ideal birth wishes are honored and respected. Sitting down and having a heart to heart talk with your spouse, significant other, family, friends and loved ones and express what is most important to you and how their positive support, encouragement and caring communication throughout your pregnancy can effectively achieve an amazing labor and birthing experience.
By Maritday Rodriguez, Doula, CB HC, LME,

doulaacvtion1I was quoted HERE on What nurses need to know about birth plans

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