Putting 2011 to bed….

Buenas Noches Bright Shining Beautiful Souls!

It has been quite sometime since I eked anything out…. 6 months to be exact. 2011 has brought me many many lessons. Some I am still working on, some I learned very well & others well just WOW!

I am so grateful for breathing, my husband, the life & family we share, the life I am able to have, my family & friends(the people that make life bearable wonderful & crazy,all at once) & the amazing connections & opportunities that are coming into my life daily. My heart is just absolutely overflowing with the gift of love & guidance that is surrounding me!

First lesson ~ I am a scribe but somewhere I made some vow that I wouldn’t speak or write me truth. I haven’t for a very long time not til now… I give myself permission to write or speak on what I want, when I want & how I want, whenever I feel like, without fear.

I believe we all possess beautiful gifts that we think people won’t approve of.. As humans we have a basic primal need for love acceptance & approval. So we hide who we are to make others feel better, dim our own radiance so other can feel bright. I am a Goddess Scribe, an Energetic Intuitive & Aesthetic Wellness Coach. I want to help people live the best beautiful life they can, showing them how to manifest the resources they need to live the life they dream of!

I have been dimming my light for way to long. I believe in LOVE above all else! I believe in happily ever after, where ever that may be for you. Regardless of who you are with, YOU & only YOU have to put in the work so that your dreams can come true. My inner child is in there screaming to get out…. To have fun, to play, to laugh & to remember my divinity & all of my mastery. I don’t feel like I ever had any dreams, almost like I have been a grown up forever. I am done worrying! I give myself permission to dream, live joyously & play.

Second Lesson ~ There is nothing more I can learn right now. I have all the tools I need to do a fantastic job. Why do we stall? For fear of not being good enough, wanting people to to believe in us & wanting people not to leave us. The reality is I don’t need anyone to believe in me… I need to believe in myself because at the end of the day, I am the only one who give a hoot about my dreams & desires. Only my passion fuels my fire. By the grace of Goddess, I am surrounded by people who are just as passionate as I am about life frequency healing & loving the life we have in connection.

Third Lesson ~ We are all connected… I have an individual path that I must lead for my soul purpose but I am surrounded by soul bodies(family, friends, acquaintances) who are with me through many life experiences, to teach me, help me, guide me, & sometimes Yes, even hurt me, so I can fully learn & grow from the experience.

What happens to me happens to you & vice versa even though we will experience it differently. Learning a needed & valuable lesson is integral to growth but we must make sure we learn the right lesson. To open to love not close down when we have a negative experience. This where we learn the difference between judgment & discernment.. We want to be discerning not judgmental.

We can be loving compassionate & have mercy but when things become a detriment to our well being , increased suffering , & loss, then its time to reevaluate how we live our life & what may be a better course of action going forth. I can love someone with all I have but when they don’t respect my boundaries, I give myself permission to love them from a distance & not feel guilty.

Fourth & Final Lesson ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE Yourself!!!!! You will never find love if you are dissatisfied with yourself. If you have no love for yourself, refuse to see yourself as perfect, no one else will either. God made me, with special gifts, unique unto me & me only & I will never be like anyone else. I was made with a very special purpose, made in her image & I am perfect as I am.

This year has brought me many, many lessons. I am thankful for all of them. My heart is so open to love & the divine that is in everyone of us. Healing the wounds of the past, so that this is the most joyous year yet! Knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, working on my life purpose, learning what I needed to learn & bringing it to the word & world in perfect time!

Yes, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, 2011 has been a blessing & I AM so very Blessed!



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