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**”DEAR PEOPLE WHO LIVE DOWN THE STREET FROM MARITDAY:::: Do you know how lucky you are? I wish she still lived down the street from me, like when we were kids. Thanks to technology she still helps me and is here for me as a friend, often not knowing her words are needed when I read them at that very moment! So if you are lucky enough to walk down the street to visit or “play” with Maritday. You should! Having her in any way near you is fun, and nurturing to the spirit! She is GOOD PEOPLE! I’m jealous of her nearby friends! lol! Love you Mama! God Bless!” T.Q.~ West chapel, NC

**”I am especially thankful for Maritday Rodriguez, your words echo in my thoughts on a daily basis. Without them, I am lost sometimes. I may be stubborn and it takes awhile to listen and not just hear, but know that I do wrap my head around it eventually 😉 XxXxOXxXx” T.M. ~ Stone Mountain, GA

**”Just wanted to say that I appreciate you and our friendship everyday… Thank you for being there for me everyday and for your words of comfort and love – xoxo” M.C. ~ Bayonne, NJ

**”Maritday! Thank you so much for your inspiring posts. I really appreciate them. And your inspiring self :).:)” E.M. Binghamton, NY



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101+ Secrets from Nutrition School: That You Need To Know
by Lynne M Dorner

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