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keep calm love monGreetings & salutations, Mon Ami’s! So glad you are reading my post today!

As I prepare to put my 2014 to rest with the help of a few tools that make life planning easier. I have come to realize as I get older using my time more effectively will result in being less stressed, more organized, and I will have more time to do the activities I love. I also learned that in order to have the life I love I will have to use each moment as fully as I can starting with the minute I open my eyes each day. I am planning for my life on a daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis. When you plan you can manifest more because your dreams are truly the fuel for your life’s reality.

How will I honor myself today?
How will I give myself the space I need to get my soul work done?
How will I use my resources effectively(time, money, connections, locations) to accomplish my daily tasks and grow my dream to fruition?

Currently, I am sitting with my 2015 calendar and putting into it the activities, teaching, events and excursions that are in my heart for my sojourn on this planet as well as, my soul’s mission.

I want to talk about Sunday. This is the most important day of my week 🙂
This is the day that I rest, nourish, and revitalize my mind, body, and spirit. It sets the tone for the entire week ahead! Sunday is my day to unplug, check in with myself, set my goals and TA-DA’s(my spin on to-dos) for the week, schedule my loving movement(exercise) times, catch up with loved ones, cue up my own personal DJ 😉 and get cooking!

The only “work” I do on Sunday is to prepare my food for the week. I start by getting everything prepped, seasoned and portioned out for the week. My family is blended so we have my stepson form Sunday-Wednesday so I am a BIG fan of Cook Once, Eat Multiple Times. If I am feeling ambitious then I might, cook 3 meal so I really won’t have to cook again until Thursday where I will cook the next 3 meals but all my supplies are already ready and it is a grab & go. Whether its a pre-cooked meal to put in the oven or on the stove to heat up or grab some baggies of portioned out fruits, veggies, protein and cook it, I am ahead of the game exponentially. This method helps me to make sure I have excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner options helping me TO EAT FOR ENERGY, less cleanup and more quality time with my loved ones.

Today’s Takeaway:
Make it a PRIORITY to learn how to prep your food properly each week. You will not only save time, money, and feel exquisitely productive but you will also stay fit and have more energy.

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21 Day Healthy Holiday

P.S.S. No matter what life through at you, Remember Your Smile is your best curve, so FLAUNT it 🙂
My love to you all always and to the best year yet!

Feel free to comment below with any feedback questions or suggestions!

Bright Blessing, Beloveds!
Looking forward to Sharing a Heartfelt and Amazingly Abundant 2015 with you all!



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