IET Higher Power Steps to Transformation Workshop

Continuing to build upon the “no pleasure – no treasure” experienced in the Seven Steps to Transformation series, the Higher Steps help you to continue your personal transformation and ascension.

We will tap into the World Angel Grid to explore healing, joy, and compassion, and use tools and techniques including a Joy Stone, Heart Hug, Crystal Key, and others.

In each Step in this workshop series, Maritday will share an angelic energy connection with you, as we continue to “get the issues out of your tissues for good”!

Step 8: Healing*

Step 9: Pure Joy*

You will be provided with a “Joy Stone” for Step 9

Step 10: Compassion*

Step 11: Homecoming – The Journey to Unity*

Step 12: Unity in Action – The Crystal Key*

Please bring a crystal to use in Step 12, or you may purchase one at class, supplied by Botanikal

Step 13: The IET Ascension Process*

Step 14: Being Love… Living Love*

*For more information on what you will experience with each of these seven steps, and how this is part of your transformation see bottom of page.

You may find it helpful to attend all or some of the Seven Steps to Transformation series first, but it is not required.

You may attend all seven Higher Steps sessions for a reduced rate, or just those that are of interest to you.

Logistics for all classes:

This workshop can be given over the course of

*2 days Live, from 9:30am – 4:00pm each day,


can meet via webinar or teleconference for

*7 weeks – once a week for 2 hours

Class is limited to 10 students

During live events, light refreshments are provided throughout the day to keep us grounded and focused

*Contact Maritday to discuss additional scheduling options (

Class Fee:

$245 (Early Bird $225 – register and pay at least a week in advance)

Or opt to take individual modules for $35.00 each (Early Bird $30 each + cost of workbook)

  • Includes illustrated workbook

  • Includes certificate which you will receive upon completion of all seven steps

Prior students may repeat the full program for just $65 if you’ve taken the series with Maritday before, or $15 per Step (please bring your workbook from your prior training)


Pre-Registration is required: Call 978-480-0773 to BOOK now, or CONTACT US with questions.

Higher Steps – Details

I will provide instruction and also guide you through an angelic meditative energy process to help you learn about and experience each step, with an independent session for each of the seven Higher Steps.

Each session is highly interactive; you will complete a brief writing exercise during many of the sessions (no one will see what you write except you), and there will be plenty of time to ask questions and to optionally share experiences.

(The “Higher Steps” includes Steps 8-14.  If you are interested in the first “Seven Steps“, click here for more information.)

Step 8

WAG Phase 2 – Healing

  • Overview of the Higher Steps, the World Angel Grid (WAG), and explanation of the completed “Phase 1”

  • Learn how to clear resistance to love and imprint empowerment, in yourself and in other people world-wide

Step 9

WAG Phase 3 – Pure Joy

  • Learn why and how to add a layer of Pure Joy to the World Angel Grid for yourself and others, with the help of the Cherubs·

  • Learn how you can be use the process again, as many times as you like

Maritday will provide you with a Joy Stone to be used in Step 9, which will be yours to keep at the end of this session

Step 10

WAG Phase 4 – Compassion

  • Learn The Angel Wash Process

  • Experience Angel Ariel’s HeartSeed Process

  • Let Compassion Bloom Brilliantly In Your Life

  • Travel Inter-Dimensionally into the Dimension of Love

Step 11

Homecoming – Journey to Unity

  • Meet your personal angel guide who will help you to discover your special healing and empowerment Heartlight colors

  • Work with your angel guide to create a safe and powerful inner sanctuary

  • Move energetically deep within this sanctuary to powerfully experience the energy that unifies all life, which will move you beyond your ego’s idea of self, to discover your true spiritual self

Step 12

Unity in Action – The Crystal Key

  • Angel Ariel will bring in the 2012 Unity Shift, which moves you to the crystalline vibration

  • Journey to the highest angelic realms where, working with the support of your personal angel guide, you create your personal crystal key which you will use to unlock your heart’s code and become Unity in Action

Please bring a crystal of your choice to use in the Step 12 process.

Step 13

The IET Ascension Process

  • Create a new energy center within your body called a “Heart Star”

  • Using vortex energy and sacred geometry, merge your Earth Star with your Soul Star to align your life with the energy of the Unity Wave and create the optimal energetic vibration for you to experience Ascension

Step 14

Being Love… Living Love

  • Build your very own personal angelic energy grid which will be woven into your human energy field by the angels

  • Enter into a deep state of being where you can experience pure unconditional love

  • Establish a unity heartlink connection with those who also embrace their essence, connecting all of these in your Heartstar and together entering into a state of pure unconditional love

  • Bring unconditional love into every aspect of your daily life








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