I Love all things Goddess….

I love how all things are collective and come into the field just when you need them. Maybe before you may not have noticed but now something has changed and all of sudden you are wide open and in comes all this new, lovely, amazing, brilliant information.

So with that being said please read this AMAZING ARTICLE about the lovely Goddess Yemaya, whom I would never have gotten to know if it weren’t for my clan sistars. I am so blessed to be learning with such wonderful women. The grace love and brilliance that we bring to the table is amazing and we will be making miracles in 2012.

In this new year more information will come into your field. I would love to share with you this amazing e course The Triple Goddess
This course will help you to meet, know and understand the maiden, mother, crone aspects of the goddesses Persephone Demeter and Hecate and the amazing triple goddess in you!

In the Lap of the Goddess

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