How To Detox Your Relationship

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Once the romance and perfection of the falling in love phase passes, most of us settle into a comfortable, predictable groove in our long-term relationships. We get to know each other on deeper levels, we experience more challenges and struggles, and of course, we learn how to push each other’s buttons. Unfortunately, unspoken resentments, criticisms, and half-truths create toxins in relationships. They build up between the two of you, not unlike they do in your body.

If you aren’t consciously filling your relationship with positive, nurturing energy, take the next ten minutes to consider the following: Are you harboring anger or resentment? Like that daily cup of coffee or glass of wine, little gripes add up over time. Do you need to get something off your chest? Remember, the unspoken is a heavy burden on both of you. Finally, when was the last time you expressed genuine gratitude to your partner for their role in your life? Don’t wait for a special occasion, studies show that appreciation is the biggest factor in predicting relationship success. Schedule a date with your beloved, lay your �toxins’ on the table and recommit to keeping your relationship healthy, happy and toxin-free.

Try ‘mindful hugging’ before work tomorrow. This non-verbal communication technique helps you connect and lowers your heart rate, allowing you to get out of your head and into your body.

Numerous studies have shown how important great sex is in an intimate relationship. Yet, for many this aspect of their relationship goes neglected. Research has shown that making love not only increases pleasure and intimacy, it also helps foster mental and physical health.

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