Honoring our Inner Goddess

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I was watching this video about author Danielle Rollins. I keep seeing the same issue amongst my female peers, settling for less than you deserve, inability to create and honor healthy boundaries for ourselves, putting your needs first and making sure that the life we are living is the one that is most fulfilling for the current soul journey we are on. Danielle talks about something that I lovingly call “Honoring your Inner Goddess”

Some of the things that Danielle touched on were:

1. Understanding that only you control how you let someone treat you.

2. Focusing on your endgame and making it pretty. Perspective is everything  and pretty always makes things better.

3. In life we only have the precious moments, so enjoy the precious moments!

and I want to add –

4. Celebrate every milestone. They are worth celebrating! You worked so hard to get where you are!

Life really is like photography… We develop from the negatives.

We never know where we will derive the strength from until we have no choice but to be strong and create a life that absolutely nourishes the soul. Making sure that you have support is so important as you go through any times of change. Be it a support group, health coach, therapist, trusted friends & family, or network of sacred sisters, be supported as you journey by people who love and care about you, boost you up when you are down and always remind you of your true sacred self.


Most awesome love to you all! Wishing you bright blessings today and everyday!






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