Heaven or Earth?

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Heaven or Earth?
by Sunny Soleil

The Bible holds much wisdom for me. I think that God, The Creator, gave us a perfect Earth. The Garden of Eden, as a metaphor is not just about disobedience, it is about GREED.

Adam and Eve got all they needed and then they weren’t satisfied with it and just had to have that extra apple of wisdom in their belly.

Humans got a beautiful Earth and slowly we found ways to live more successfully on it, with less strife to us and more ease and contentment.


We began by using our brains and intuition to create what seemed like small miracles of tools and shelter building and finding ways to plant that worked with nature and moving from single units into tribes.

We learned how to feed ourselves enough without depleting the resources, hunting only what we needed, taking care of our elders, passing on our wisdom, worshiping the Creator and respecting the Creation and for some it was worshiping the Creation.

It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we felt awe and love and respect for all that was and of which we were a part not apart from.

Like Adam and Eve, we wanted more. And slowly, as we got more and more creative and made more we got more fearful that we would not have enough so we started to look to our neighbor and take from him.

And the dark forces began to swell inside us as the small miracles became global conjuring tricks and wicked wiles to transport us to a FALSE HEAVEN of stuff, stuff, stuff and money, money, money.

And because it is false this ‘heaven’ is crumbling despite attempts to mesmerize us into oblivion. We are dumbed down with TV, kept high fructose corn syrup-happy and sick with food that poisons us but tastes ‘good’. This feeds the money machine of pharmaceutical greed as we become so sick we need medications that we have to take for life. And we look in the mirror and have learned that we are not perfect so we buy clothes and shoes to make us feel good even if they’re damaging to us. And with every nip and tuck we build the walls of the false heaven.

We have been led, by Satan, if you wish, to believe we are not good or happy without these things. And we used our ‘wiles’ to get more and more and more, beyond anything we really need.

We disconnected from earth with every skyscraper, car, washing machine, gadget, and boob lift that we yearned for. IF THERE IS ANY SIN ON THIS WORLD IT IS THE BELIEF IN THE FALSE HEAVEN.

And so it turns in a never-ending circle. Our lack of that connection both to Earth and to the awesome sense of a Creator has made us needy. We need all that stuff to feel good because we ain’t linking to that which is not a substitute for but IS the REAL thing.

“And God said “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth and every tree whose fruit yields seed, to you it shall be for food” Gen 1:29

We got heaven on earth, we wanted more. We wanted to make it Superduperheaven inc and we got so wound up in that pursuit that we almost destroyed the real heaven. And we sold our souls to Money. We even printed on the stuff those words ‘In God We Trust’. Who are we kidding????

Most of us don’t trust in God, we trust in having enough MONEY. We’ve begun to worship a graven image and it’s KILLING US.

The return at the end of the Bible to the Tree of Life, to the Garden is symbolic.

The return of Christ may well be imminent in an additional way to that it is widely interpreted it to be.

There are more and more messengers and heralds arising in the land bidding us to change our ways to repent because the end really is nigh!!!

The message has always been delivered in the facet and form and substance that is right for the times related to the ability of the people’s readiness for it.

Our consciousness is expanding there is no question. Availability of information and ideas across the internet has seen to that.

We as a people are much more open to the spiritual life witnessed by what is being put out on the internet. And there is also a large group of we the people, who are hiding under the covers or boldly trumpeting that this is all nonsense, because deep down we are terrified and doing what it takes to avoid thinking that our false heaven may just crumble.

Whether we are admitting that things are going kaput or not, we can’t help be more aware of what’s going on and the lack of integrity and downright satanic machinations in the upper echelons of human ‘power’.

Could it be that what the Mayans predicted as this exponential expansion of consciousness is the same thing as the return of Christ only this time ‘He’ is returning, not as a man, but as an essence or spiritual power to our very hearts.

Could it be that he will ‘appear’ inside us and infuse us with the Christ Energy needed to repair the wrongs we’ve done to this earth and to our own souls and to our Fathers Creation, the Garden of Eden. Could it be that we will enter heaven on earth where there is no war, where all is love for all things and out of that we operate totally in tune with our wonderful existence and build for the future generations to come a paradise like no other.

Maybe it is not the end of the world but the rebirth and beginning.

In Genesis God gave us The Garden of Eden, in Revelations we hear these words

“And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and the Lamb. In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the HEALING OF THE NATIONS. ” from Rev 22:1

“And behopld, I am coming quickly, and My record is with Me, to give to every one according to his work. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. Blessed are those that do his commandments for they may have the right to the tree of life…, and may enter through the gates into the city.” from Rev:22 12-14

Adam and Eve sought the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil, they got it and our lives have been a struggle between good and evil ever since.

And as a punishment they and all of us were shut out of the Garden and away from the Tree of Life. And if we accept that Jesus was sent to redeem us of this so that we may begin to see the way to the light and the Tree of Life, wouldn’t it make sense that one of the most godly things we can do beyond being love, is to start repairing the wrong we’ve done and move towards Heaven by creating Heaven on Earth.

In the Bible God gave us ‘dominion’ over the rest of his creation. In our actions we have interpreted ‘dominion’ as a licence to do what the heck we want’. We have enslaved, raped, looted from, abused, tortured and murdered not just our fellow man but all of nature and many of us don’t even get that this is a sin and maintain a smooth veneer of indifference.

And the worst thing is that we believe we have a right to act like this. We are just like the slave master who believed he could treat his slaves with no respect or care or love at all because they ‘belonged’ to him.


DOMINION means STEWARDSHIP!! My husband has just about gone crazy screaming that across the land. It’s like we must do what it takes, in loving care, to make sure that every single person in the world GETS IT or WE ARE DOOMED.

Perhaps like John Newton, ex slave ship captain turned monk, who wrote Amazing Grace, we once were lost and now have hope of being found. God does not turn his back on wretches like us, if we admit what we have done and pray for and work towards a changing of our ways truly, deeply in all of our heart and soul. God is waiting for his prodigal children to repent and re-generate.

What Heaven can be found in a restored human soul and a restored earth. Can we do this and create a modern day Garden of Eden, the paradise we all long for..

And what if to enter heaven on earth, we have to become Christ-like in our every being which means loving all humanity, never forsaking another and loving and respecting the Creation in its entirety, not just humans and above all loving God who gave life to us.

Like that we will restore heaven. It is there waiting for us. And I pray to God that we the people, will find a way to get that and let go of our ways. And I am still letting go.

Leaving the false heaven is not easy when we are addicted to so much and our very existence is restricted by rules and forces that would bind us back. We are all subject to these horrors in one way or another and some are easier to defeat and others much more challenging.

Ultimately if we are truly good, and I don’t speak as one who is, merely praying to be, we would sacrifice our lives if it meant leaving a better world for the rest of humanity. NOT an easy thing to accept and fearful to contemplate.

THIS IS A WAR AND WE ARE SOLDIERS and there is battle to be done. And right now we’re disparate bands of guerilla fighters, some more organized than others.. and we need to band together and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

The Bible and other holy books may well be the basic instruction manuals we need not to leave Earth, but to leave the way of life that we have falsely created and RETURN TO EARTH and MAKE IT THE HEAVEN THAT WE KNOW EMPIRICALLY IT CAN BE.

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