Healthy Skin Care

Wholisthetics is the the parent program of

Sacred Connection Health & Life Arts(SCHALA).

Skin Care, one of my first passions helped me birth SCHALA in order to satisfy a growing demand for continued support beyond your basic skin care treatment.

Making sure my clients have customized sacred holistic wellness services and products.

All specifically chosen to work synergistically by integrating different mind, body, and spirit modalities including Aromatherapy, Body Care, as well as, Energy work, such as, Integrated Energy Therapy, all facilitated by a licensed and certified professional.

Emphasis is placed on bringing to light the very harmful effects of Environmental Toxicity, and why Organics, Effective Skin Care and incorporating Healthy Diet, Products, Lifestyle and Wellness choices are vital to our daily living and over all health and well being.


  •  All corrective & anti-aging treatments will provide visible results

  •  For long-lasting benefits, Treatments at regularly scheduled intervals are recommended.  

  •  To maintain long-lasting results & healthy skin, a professionally designed home care program is essential.

  •  Men’s facials concentrate on men’s concerns including shaving irritation, in grown hairs, clogged pores, correct shaving techniques & eye wrinkles.


I perform the following ~

Custom Facial Services ~ Designed to target your specific skin care goals!


Professional Home Care Recommendations

Face and Body Waxing ~ Specialized waxing techniques using hard & strip waxes for the cleanest wax you’ve ever had!

Make-up Session/Lesson

Learn about the latest advances in skin care.

Experience the difference

Learn to enhance your natural beauty.

Get the look that will be admired and remembered!

  • We offer express Ala-Carte Services

  • Ask about bridal consultations, paraffin treatments, cosmetic eye enhancements, peels, birthdays & gift certificates

Proper home care is a necessity for maintenance between facials & prevention of premature aging & problem conditions.

The beneficial effects of a facial treatment can be greatly compromised & progress delayed by using inappropriate products at home.

The skin is the largest organ of the body & needs proper nourishment regularly like any other part of the body.

Basic skin products are recommended during the day for hydration & sun protection.

Cosmeceutical products are recommended at night to perform anti-aging work in the deeper layers of the skin while the body is resting, repairing & regenerating itself.

Basic skin care products include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, gentle exfoliating scrubs, eye creams, eye makeup removers, & sunscreens for the face.

Cosmeceuticals are a cross between basic cosmetics & pharmaceutical ingredients.

In recent years, innovative research has given us this group of products available to aestheticians & physicians, facilitating more dramatic changes in skin condition than basic skincare.

These include Alpha Hydroxy Acids (specifically Glycolic Acid), topical Vitamin C Serum, Retinol Creams, Oxygen Creams, Vitamin K cream for inflamed capillaries, products for Rosacea, Acne & problematic skin. Serums that contain a high percentage of active ingredients can exfoliate at a deeper level, stimulate collagen fiber production, deeply hydrate skin & repair damaged tissue.

These are sold only to licensed professionals who are able to monitor your progress & make changes when necessary to achieve results far greater than any product one could purchase over the counter


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