Finding Balance

In these days of hyper scheduling trying to get it all done & there aren’t enough hours in the day & at the end of it all I find myself wiped out. I am up at 7a & I am going til midnight some times. I need to cut that out! I need more rest & time for me not mom, aesthetician, housekeeper,laundress, chauffeur,wife, general do all girl! So starting tonight ~ new moon by the way ~ I am doing some things for myself! Like, you might ask?

* I am done “working” by 9p
* I am in bed relaxing by 10p
* I am doing my am/pm yoga
* I am beginning my exercise routine
* I am taking my classes (ballroom dancing, Belly Dancing, glass blowing,Goddess)
* I am listening more, even if it makes no sense
* I am more compassionate ~ not every one gets & sometimes neither do I
* I am courageous & unshakable ~ God’s Got This
* I am open to new things & go with the flow
* I am Love & Love is me
* Honor Thy Self

And on that note off to go wash my face with my awesome handmade products so I can make my 10 pm deadline lol! God bless you all!


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