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Praise * Press * Review

Praise **If you have a testimonial that you would like to share please email** **”DEAR PEOPLE WHO LIVE DOWN THE STREET FROM MARITDAY:::: Do you know how lucky you are? I wish she still lived down the street from me, like when we were kids. Thanks to technology she still helps me and is Read More

Join the Party – It Works!

There is no substitute for clean eating and exercise…but there are amazing compliments to this! The It Works supplements are cutting edge, superfood based, Non-GMO, detoxifying compliments to clean eating that can propel results. And, most people give up on their efforts to “get healthy” during the first month due impatience and lack of gratifying Read More

Gluten Free Holiday Taste!

Trying something new isn’t always easy but trying a new recipe will be fun and educational with this fabulous free holiday guide. WOW your friends and family over the holiday season with some new healthy recipes that will save you time money and make you look like you worked really hard all day in the Read More

Small Changes, Big Life

Learning simple new ideas and techniques can make a world of difference in the kitchen especially for your health. The action of cooking with love, positive energy and intention behind what you eat is super important. So really understanding how sacred the act of cooking and nourishing yourself is and why it is imperative to Read More

Hello 2013 ~ New Year New You, Alright!

My New Year is shaping up to be amazing! I have so much to be grateful for and so many beautiful possibilities on the horizon. However getting focused and clear about what is important this year is so important. I know I can use all the help I can get 😉 Just because New Years Read More

Fall Time Health

Thank God it’s Friday! I AM so blessed to be on this healthful journey and am tremendously pleased to be sharing it with you! I pray that you have something extra super duper fantasmo lined up for this weekend and if not let’s get something extra special going for you! Make this weekend the perfect Read More

OMG OMG! I Did It! I Really Did It!

I did it. I enrolled in The institute of Integrative Nutrition so I can learn about myself, my health and the life I truly want to live. On this learning journey, I will share all I AM learning at school. My intention is to be a Board Certified Health Coach and provide a circle of Read More

Illuminating Reads

This little post is just to share with my violet alchemy class (and anyone else who might be interested in energy work or lightworkers) the suggested reading as we have gone through our nine month alchemical journey. Love and Light to you all! Widgets Read More

I Love all things Goddess….

I love how all things are collective and come into the field just when you need them. Maybe before you may not have noticed but now something has changed and all of sudden you are wide open and in comes all this new, lovely, amazing, brilliant information. So with that being said please read this Read More

2012 A New Start!

I just love the new year don’t you? Time to try something different better or all together! I really wanted to get clear on what I needed to do in 2012 and I came across a fantastical little gem of a planner called 2012 Creating Your Goddess Year It really helps set the stage for Read More

Awaken the Goddess Within

Here is something that came to me that I am really excited about. The Goddess Circle is part of Goddess Guidebook which has oodles of freebies to help you on your Goddess path. I am excited to continue on my journey, hopefully with some of you fine goddesses, who might be reading right now! Be Read More