Express Facials

Sacred Skin Spa (30-45 minutes) $47:

At this bar… You will be served a cocktail of Vitamins, Botanicals, and Extracts.

This is a no-pressure zone where you:

  • receive your Face Mapping skin analysis
  • perform your own hands-on mini-treatment
  • all under the guidance of a professional
  • ask all your skin care questions

If you decide to buy any Skin Products, you can deduct the cost of the Skin Bar from them!
Book your Skin Bar Treatment on its own, or as an add-on to another service.

Sacred Zone Therapy (45 minutes): $47
A quick targeted solution to an immediate skin condition or skin issue, choose one of seven Sacred Zones for Therapy

Sacred Zone Therapy is a skin health “tune-up” to help you maintain your best-looking skin in between routine treatments.

From over-stressed skin, chapped lips, and tired eyes, to breakouts that need to be soothed & removed, there’s a Sacred Zone Therapy just for YOU!

Quick Peel
Firm, resurface, tone and brighten skin with maximum strength exfoliation to help reverse the signs of aging. Nourishing vitamins, botanical extracts and conditioning agents help soothe and restore skin to optimal health.

Eye Revive
Firm, tone and brighten tired eyes with our unique blend of peptides, firming proteins and therapeutic vitamins.

Spot Stop
Spot be gone! Expedite the clearing process of that pesky breakout with extensive cleansing and ingredients ideal for clearing sebum and impactions. Also works to help skin recover from inflamed lesions.

Comedone Care
Get control of blackheads before they manifest into breakouts with this treatment that gets down into the pores and leaves skin super-clean, purified and refined.

Lip Revitalizer

Be remembered for a fuller, plumper, healthier smile with this smoothing, conditioning treatment for an area that’s often ignored – the lips!.

Hand Healer
The first place to show the signs of aging are the hands – help them recover and help protect against future damage with maximum strength exfoliation and intense moisturization for ultra- smooth hands.

Men’s Skin Fix
This treatment helps expedite skin recovery from current damage (such as irritation, redness and ingrown hairs) while treating your specific skin condition.

Buy a starter/travel kit suited to your individual skin’s needs, and receive your Sacred Zone Therapy for $30! (Without kit $47)



The Sacred Spa uses the highest quality – Azulen wax!

Spreads easily in thin layers

Removes very easily without sticky residue

Composed of natural ingredients

Contains Vitamin E to nourish the skin and prevent dryness

Its unique texture leaves the skin silky smooth

We also use Azulen in ‘hard wax formulation’ for the best bikini, and other delicate areas such as eye lids and upper lips……..It is fast, efficient, and gentle, requires no strips for removal as it doesn’t adhere to the skin, only the hair. Why does this matter? A very thorough wax, with no tugging of the skin. You are left feeling – silky smooth!!

Sacred SPAAHHH Soirée


Stressed out?
Can’t remember the last time you had some “me time”?
We have the perfect solution for you.



Join us for our next night of pampering including:

     Homemade, natural spa treatment

        Exciting anti-aging information

      A night full of fun with the girls

Ask me about adding EXTRA ELEMENTS!

Acupressure Facial Massage

Natural Hand & Foot Treatments

We get it – the Spa costs a fortune.

We have designed this Spa Party to pamper you like crazy at a very affordable price $35

Check our upcoming dates for availability or book a private party for your fav people.

Would you like to have a private party just for you and your friends?

Contact us for details!