Advanced Skin Care Workshops

Join Sacred Connection Health & Life Arts Owner, Licensed Master Aesthetician, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Natural Beauty Guru, Maritday Rodriguez for a guided, hands-on advanced skin care workshop.

Monday March 13; Monday March 20; Monday March 27; Monday April 3; Monday April 10


Classic Skincare

Your most beautifully radiant skin ever begins here………A bright, luminous complexion says so much about a person…. energy, vitality, health and youthfulness. Sometimes though we need a little help to optimize that outer glow.

Monday March 13

7 – 9pm


Deep Cleanse Skin Detox

A deep drawing cleansing facial treatment that will absorb excess oil as it draws impurities from deep within the pores, toning and moisturizing to leave skin fresh, clear and bright.

Monday March 20

7 – 9pm


Rejuvenation Oxygen Facial

Oxygen is essential to maintaining youthful, healthy looking skin. When oxygen is lacking, our skin becomes dull and begins to age. Learn how to treat yourself to a Champagne Facial using invigorating Micro bubbles to deliver and intense boost of oxygen for a brighter, radiant and immediate healthy glow, also fading pigmentation and prevent future discoloration.

Monday March 27

7 – 9pm


Hot Towel Infusion

The ultimate in nourishing treatments for your skin. Discover the wonderful properties of an age-old beauty treatment. Precious Ayurveda oil is prepared warmed and massaged into the skin, then a hot towel compress is applied to infuse into the deep layers of the skin.

Monday April 3

7 – 9pm


Fabulous at any Age – Skincare Solutions

Learn how to Nourish your skin today. Natural glowing skin comes from nutrition hydration and using products created to address a specific skin concern while fitting into your daily skincare routine.

Choose from (These are also offered as standalone 1 hour mini classes):

Detox – enzymatic peels

Firm – firming serums

Lines and Wrinkles – smoothing blends

Redness – calm blends

Monday April 10



Please contact Rev. Maritday if you have any skin allergies prior to class commencing.

Limit to 12 students.

Complete any three workshops and earn a $50 voucher for a facial with Rev. Maritday. Classic Skincare, Deep Cleanse Skin Detox, Fabulous at Any Age, Rejuvenation Oxygen Facial, Hot Towel Infusion.

All workshops are practical classes where participants will be learning to perform the facial on themselves.

(Required to bring: A hand towel and headband.) The tutor is a Licensed Master Aesthetician & an independent skin care and beauty coach.

Fee Details:

$50 per workshop

Click here to register and pay (Pay for individual workshop or Pay in Full for the series and get $50 off)

Rev. Maritday is offering a wide range of skincare workshops. We can create workshops that aren’t listed. As your skills and knowledge increase, so will your need for advanced education and solutions.

During these workshops, you will learn and practice skin typing and condition, face mapping, touch, analysis as well as using the derma scope (black light skin scanner) to see deep beneath the layers for long term concerns and an individualized plan on how to correct and prevent any long-term issues.

  • Aid in the Diagnosis of Skin Disorders and is Safe for the Skin and Eyes. What comes out is the safer UV-A rays which does wonders in revealing various skin conditions, as different conditions of the skin react (fluoresce) differently to these safer type UV rays. Even though UV-A is widely used, caution should be used to shield the eye and avoid prolong use. The black-light bulbs in the Rejuvenate machine are of the highest quality.
  • Recognize and Diagnose Skin Problems. In total, the machine has 4 large bulbs (10 watts each) and 2 small ones (6 watts each) strategically placed to reveal the various conditions of the skin. Inside the machine is also a magnifying mirror that allows the customer to see herself/himself with the various florescent colors of various skin conditions. The Skin Care Consultant (you) will look at the customer from the other side of the machine through a movable magnified viewing panel.
  • Help Identify Various Skin Conditions in Vivid Florescent Colors. With proper training, the Skin Analyzer Machine will help you analyze various skin conditions your customers have and will also allow the customer to participate in identifying their own skin problems to achieve the state of “seeing is believing” so you can close more sales in your skin care line, other products and services.
  • Analyze Various Skin Conditions, Skin Care and Treatment. Portable box-type skin diagnosis system is a unique machine in that it utilizes advance black-light lamp technology to help identify various skin conditions in vivid florescent colors. Black-light lamp technology is generally safe when used properly, as it is basically a fluorescent light bulb that does not emit visible light, but emits the safer version of Ultraviolet rays (UVA) after harmful Ultraviolet rays (UVB and UBC) are filtered out. In a fluorescent light bulb, light energy or photons are generated and when they hit the white phosphorus coating inside the tube, they emit white light and some ultraviolet light. In a black-light bulb, the bulb is made from dark blue glass and has no phosphorus coating and the special dark blue glass filters out visible light and harmful UV rays.
  • Employs a Long Wave Ultraviolet Light. A breakthrough in skin analysis the F-102 will allow the client and the aesthetician to recognize and diagnose skin problems together. The F-102 device employs a long wave ultraviolet light that causes problem areas on the skin to be illuminated as different colors. This device has been used in the medical field for countless years to aid in the diagnosis of skin disorders and is safe for the skin and eyes. With this visual representation of where the problem areas are or may occur, the esthetician can easier communicate to the client the benefits of proper skin treatment and care.